What is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)? It is when specific medications are used in conjunction with behavioral therapy or counseling techniques to help treat addiction. MAT is most commonly used when treating substance use such as Opioid Addiction and Alcohol Addiction. Medication-Assisted Treatment brings together two powerful treatment techniques, which improve the results for participants.

The team at De Coach Rehabilitation Center offers Medication-Assisted Treatment programs, telehealth services, and an extensive outpatient program to those with or without insurance. Our goal is to remove as many barriers to entry as we possibly can. If you have ever wondered about MAT treatment, this article highlights some of the key benefits of this method of treatment!

5 Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

1. MAT Is Effective

Addiction and successful recovery can be measured in many ways, and may look different for each individual – but results for MAT programs yield some of the best outcomes. This is a comparison in which behavioral-only therapy or medication-only therapy are measured, and MAT has shown to be more effective.

Rather than basing treatment on a singular technique or treatment, MAT programs treat multiple aspects of each patient. Participants receive benefits from specialized medication while also undergoing psychological treatment at the same time. Each side contributes to the success of your recovery, filling in the gaps that the other method is missing.

2. Medication-Assisted Treatment Is Affordable

MAT can be considered one of the best values for your money. Drug and alcohol recovery programs can get expensive very quickly, especially with in-residence programs. The high financial cost is one of the most prominent barriers for people looking into treatment programs. MAT manages to mitigate much of the cost, making it more accessible to a wider percentage of the population.

The alternate perspective that you need to consider is, how much is your addiction costing you now, and how much will it cost you in the future. Substance use is very expensive, and because of increasing bodily tolerance, you will need to continually increase the amount of substances to achieve the same effect. The longer your addiction continues, more and more money will be spent. Another element that is challenging to predict is the long-term healthcare bills. MAT is much more affordable when compared to these ever-increasing costs.

3. MAT Allows Greater Freedom

Your treatment program can be as intensive or moderate as is necessary for your personal needs. Either way, MAT programs, whether outside of residential treatment programs or afterward, allow the individual much more freedom.

More intensive schedules might include daily visits, while those taking Buprenorphine treatment require twice-weekly visits and even fewer for Alcohol Addiction. MAT allows you to return to your daily life, with fewer interruptions, while still receiving medical and therapeutic support.

4. Medication-Assisted Treatment Can Work In Larger Programs

In most cases, MAT can be offered as a standalone program, where patients receive their medications and choose the type of counseling that best suits them. This provides participants with an excellent framework for successful recovery, but MAT has the potential to be used in conjunction with even more techniques.

So long as they don’t interfere with the MAT program, there are many therapeutic and holistic practices that can help participants remain dedicated to the program. It is especially effective for Opioid Addiction where a more comprehensive readjustment of your lifestyle better ensures your recovery success.

5. MAT Can Ease The Transition

For most, the true test of success comes when it’s time to go home. Once participants are back in their home environments, they are exposed to many of the more powerful triggers for substance use. By continuing MAT therapy, you have to tools and coping strategies needed to stay strong, and see your recovery through to its end.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Rehabilitation

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